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Crucero Skorpios III
Skorpios III Cruise

This south program with the Cruise Skorpios, cover most of the glaciers in the area, namely Amalia, El Brujo, Bernal and Herman, and those located in the area of Fiordo Calvo. The cruise includes around 15 glaciers, some of which we will contemplate and admire directly, walking up to their front and moraines, and sailing through multi-coloured ice-floes on smaller expedition vessels like the Capitán Konstantino; from where we will have the chance to observe de varied Patagonian flora and fauna in all its natural glory.

Glaciers & Fjords in 12 days – Kaweskar Route

Day 1: Buenos Aires

Arrival at Buenos Aires Airport and transfer to the hotel. Rest of the day at leisure

Day 2: Buenos Aires – City tour

During the morning visit the city of Buenos Aires. This tour gives you the emotion of a multiple Buenos Aires. We will see the symbol of our city: the obelisk. We will visit different squares such as Plaza de Mayo, Plaza San Martín, Plaza Congreso. Avenues like Corrientes, Mayo, 9 de Julio, among others. Historical neighbourhoods: La Boca, San Telmo, Montserrat. Elegant neighbourhoods such as Palermo and Recoleta, and the most modern: Puerto Madero. Parks such as Lezama and Tres de Febrero. We will also visit financial and commercial areas and a Football Stadium.

Day 3: Buenos Aires –  El Calafate

Today transfer to the airport in Buenos Aires. Flight to El Calafate. Arrival and transfer to the hotel. 

Day 4: Perito Moreno Glacier

Departure from the morning to travel the 80 kms distance separating El Calafate Perito Moreno glacier, unique in the world in constant progress. During the trip you know beautiful places in the Andean foothills, along the south bank of Lake Argentino. After crossing the river Centinela and Mitre, was reached at Brazo Rico to enter the National Park Los Glaciares. Bordering the Lake Rico began to spot the icebergs floating on the water until we can finally appreciate the full extent of this natural wonder has been declared by the United Nations as World Heritage. Stay in place and return to El Calafate.

Day 5: El Calafate – Puerto Natales 

Regular bus to Puerto Natales and transfer to the hotel

Day 6: Torres del Paine

The excursion begins visiting the Milodon Cave, a natural monument located on Benitez Hill, 25 kilometres from Puerto Natales, where in 1895 were found remains of extinct animals like Sabre Toothed Tiger, American Horse and a large mammal known as Milodon. It is necessary to walk for half an hour to go into the cave and observe the stalactites, places where the remains were found and a replica of Milodon.

Afterward a technical stop is held in the village of Cerro Castillo, where there are possibilities for shopping, enjoy the coffee service or just for a break.

Continuing the trip toward Torres del Paine National Park, visitors will be able to enjoy the most diverse landscapes, such as, the Magellanic deciduous forest and the vast Patagonian steppe dominated by the wind and aridity. On the way is possible to find two species members of the local fauna: the Patagonian guanaco, South American camel and relative of Llama, and the endemic lesser Rhea (Ñandu), relative of the African Ostrich. Once we get to the park, which is a biosphere reserve with a surface over 242.000 hectares, the landscape changes drastically becoming unforgettable due its dozen lakes populated by marine birds, and in the background granite picks dominating the area. Turquoise lakes, waterfalls and mountains covered by ice are the predominant landscape inside the park. A walk for 15 minutes into the park is necessary toward the Waterfall (Salto Grande), which is communicating two big lakes inside the park; Nordenskjold and Pehoe Lakes. After lunch the trip continues with a walk on the shores of Grey Lake, where blue icebergs can be seen, and in the background the vast Grey glacier. Depending on the requirements, the return is done by the same road, or by the new road bordering lakes Toro, Porteño and Sofía.

Day 7: Puerto Natales – Embark Skorpios Cruise III

Transfer to the pier From 16:00 hrs. reception of passengers, between 17:00 hrs and 18:00 hrs. Set sail from Puerto Natales, navigating the Patagonian Channels, Kirke Narrows, Channel Morla Vicuña, Unión, Collingwood and Sarmiento.

Day 8: Amalia, El Brujo, Fernando, Alipio Glaciers and Calvo and de Las Montañas Fjords 

8:00 Hrs. Arrival at the Amalia Glacier. The spacecraft is approaching the glacier. Panorama from the boat. 9:15 hrs. Navigation starts doing the Glacier El Brujo. 11:00 hrs. Arrive at Glacier El Brujo, if the weather and ice conditions permit, can go down to see the Glacier from the nearest rock. 12:30 Departure to the Calvo Fjord. Call at 14:30 hrs Calvo Fjord, is performed on a boat trip suited to navigate the ice, called Captain Constantine, visiting glaciers Fernando, Captain Constantine and Alipio, among others. 18:30. Sail the Fjord of the Mountains.

Day 9: De las Montañas Fjord, Bernal, Herman, Alsina, Paredes Glaciers. 

09:00 Hrs. Visit the Fjord of the Mountains, where you can see five glaciers, which hang from the Cordillera Sarmiento sea, being two of them on our blog. 10:00 hrs Visit to the Bernal Glacier, walking through the vegetation to reach the base of this glacier and a visit to Glacier Bay to tour the Herman and appreciate its beauty and its icebergs of colors (this order will depend on the tidal conditions .) Later we will visit Glacier Alsina and Paredes. 17:00 Hrs. Set sail from the Firth of Mountains, Kirke Narrows Crossing. 21:00 Farewell Party, Captain’s Dinner, dancing. 22:30 hrs. Landfall in the Skorpios Terminal in Puerto Natales.

Day 10: Puerto Natales – Calafate

08:00 and 09:30 hrs. Passengers disembark. Transfer to Calafate. Arrival and transfer to the hotel

Day 11: Calafate – Buenos Aires

Transfer to the airport. Flight to Buenos Aires. Arrival and transfer to the hotel.

Day 12: Buenos Aires

Transfer to the international airport for your departure flight.

End of our services.

Suggested Itinerary. The program can be modified to suit each passenger.