The passenger is notified of these general conditions, accepting them explicitly and automatically. This agreement and filing services are governed solely by this terms and conditions. Payment of the booking implies acceptance by stakeholders of the full implementation of these general conditions, the conditions of each tour and own transport companies involved.


Accommodation for the specified number of nights in the hotels mentioned in the itinerary or vouchers (order of service) Meal as indicated at every opportunity. Tours and excursions included in the purchased package and detailed vouchers. Transfers to and from airports, terminals and hotels, where noted.

The number of days of accommodation considering on hotel accommodation is computed from the 3 pm ending at 10 am the next day, regardless of time of arrival and departure and the full or fractional use thereof. The hotel industry considers the day of arrival to be a full day, even when the accommodation period is shortened due to time differences.

The duration of the tour will be indicated in each case taking the first day, the departure or arrival and including the day of last output destination, regardless of the time of departure or arrival on the first day or the last.

Rooms must be vacated by 10:00 am on the last day. The hotel is at disposal of passenger to keep their luggage until the time of the pick up.

The allocation of the rooms will be the arrival of passengers according to acquired and specified on the voucher and subject to availability existing at check-in.
When the passenger wants to change the assigned room for an upgrade, the price difference will be paid by it. All guestrooms are Standard, except as otherwise specified in the issued documentation.

The passenger may agree with the local operator changing schedules excursions included, provided it can satisfy your order, otherwise, adjust to the regular and scheduled. In the case of hiring any OPTIONAL excursions, they are at the risk of the passenger at the time of hiring them, avoiding Qwerty Travel Evt of any responsability on the booking and service.


Do not include any service not specifically mentioned as included in the program:
1) Extras, drinks, laundy, tips, national Park entrances, embark taxes, taxes on services, Visas, VAT (IVA) and other actual taxes or futures, or any service not expressly stated in the service order issued by the travel agent.
2) Tickets, meals and or additional expenses or damages resulting from cancellations, delays in departures or arrivals of transportation, or outside the company unforeseen reasons.
3) Meals en route, except those expressly included in the programs.
4) All wiring and transfer costs or credit card overcharges
5) Any other expense required of the passenger, derived from acts of God or force majeure, shall be borne by the latter, without refund or compensation.
6) Any kind of extras or expenses that are not adequately specified in the itinerary.


The Airlines reserve the right to change their flight schedules and fares without prior notice.
This is why, Qwerty Travel Evt will always try to keep the rates quote to the client, as well as the flights schedule selected. Although, it is possible that when the reservation of an air ticket is made and confirmed, it may receive changes in the schedule or rate directly from the Airline. Airline ticket reservations may receive fare or tax changes up to the time the tickets are paid in full by the customer and subsequently issued by the airline. This means that reservations can also undergo changes after they are confirmed and partially paid by the client. Only until the moment in which the client pays the reservation of the air ticket in full, and receives this payment, the rate will no longer be able to change.

Despite this, after the reservations are confirmed, paid, and the tickets issued, the airline has the right and might change the times and schedules of their flights, leaving Qwerty Travel Evt without any responsibility at all for the problems or costs that these changes may produce. In the case the air bookings suffer any changes we will advise the client as soon as possible. All the changes in air tickets, or flights schedules are not part of the changes that the itineraries may suffer, so this gives no right to the client to cancel any booking of services or accommodation, without the fees that this cancelation may have.

The client must, and it is his responsibility, to carefully review all the detailed information about the reserved and issued flights, to be aware of the days and times in which the client will fly, and the extra time necessary beforehand at each airport.

Under no circumstances Qwerty Travel Evt will be responsible for delays, cancelations, reprograming of flights due to weather factors, overbooking, strikes, natural disasters, wars, terrorist threats, or any other reason of force majeure. Qwerty Travel evt will not be responsible for any cost or expense caused by the already mentioned situations.


1) The organizer Qwerty Travel EVT (LEGAJO 16.133 DISP 198) reserves the right, for technical or operational reasons, to alter all or part the daily ordering and / or services that make up the tour, before or during execution. 2) Unless expressly provided to the contrary, the stipulated hotels can be exchanged for another of equal or higher grade within the same urban center without charge for the passenger. For these variations, the passenger will not be entitled to any compensation. 3) The company may cancel any tour if any of the circumstances contemplated in section Art. 24 of Decree No. 2182/72 occurred. 4) Once travel has commenced, the suspension, modification or discontinuance of services by the passenger for personal reasons, will not result in claim or refund. If changes occur in the services booking by passenger decision will be charged the related costs.


In case of cancellations of operations on credit will not refund the amounts already paid by way of reports, administrative costs and interest. The passengers who will desist from travelling anyone was the reason, even for motives of disease or death, are subject to the following regime of retention applicable of agreement with the anticipation with which the cancellation is effected:

1) Prior to 30 days or more from the trip start, 30% of the total value of the contracted trip is retained.
2) Between the 29 and 21 days previous to the beginning of the trip, will be retained 40 % of the total value of the contracted trip.
3) Between the 20 and 15 days previous to the beginning of the trip, will be retained 60 % of the total value of the contracted trip.
4) Between the 14 and 9 days previous to the beginning of the trip, will be retained 75 % of the total value of the contracted trip.
5) Within 8 days or less to the beginning of the trip, will be retained 100 % of the total value of the contracted trip.

Article 21 Decree 2182-72: When treats of cancellations that they affect the services contracted by the agency, the refund of the same one, will be subject to the contractual conditions of the services given by the respective companies, in case the refund is effected, the agency will have right to deduce to itself up to 10 % of the same ones.


To secure a booking with Qwerty Travel Evt, the client must deposit an advance of 30% of the total amount due and the balance must be paid no later than 45 days before departure.
In case of non-payment of the balance by the due date Qwerty Travel Evt will treat the booking as cancelled by the Client, without any refund of the advance already paid.
In the case of reservations of cruises, expeditions or any other considered program of not traditional tourism, the reservations will have to be confirmed paying a percentage that can change between 30 and 50 % of the total price of the program; The balance is due 90 days before the beginning of the cruise or expedition. For bookings made less than 30 days before the departure date, full payment of the program will be required immediately. Payment can either be made by bank transfer or by credit card in only one payment. All wiring and transfer costs or credit card overcharges should be assumed by the client.


Any kind of complaint must be made within 28 days of concluded the trip or event, otherwise they will not be accepted. This notification must be written, it can be a fax or an e-mail to Qwerty Travel Evt. After this period no claim will be received.
For all claims that may be formulated for any reason, both the traveler and Qwerty Travel Evt expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, waiving any other jurisdiction that might correspond.


It is the responsibility of the Client to be in possession of a valid passport, visa permits, inoculations and preventive medicines as may be required for the duration of the tour. Information about these matters or related items is given in good faith but without responsibility on the part of Qwerty Travel Evt.


Qwerty Travel Evt expressly states that acts as an intermediary in the booking and reservations of the different services related and included in the tour: hotels, restaurants, transports and other providers. Nevertheless, the responsibilities of the company, is to intervene as organizer or intermediary, and will be determined under the provisions of the International Convention Relating to Travel Contract approved by Law No. 19.918.
Qwerty Travel Evt is not responsible for the events that occur by accident or force majeure, climatic phenomena or facts of nature that happen before or during the development of the tour to prevent, delay or otherwise impede the total or partial execution of the services committed by the company, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Code.
Qwerty Travel Evt therefore disclaims all liability for damages, loss, theft or damage in general, people may suffer or property relating to the above facts. Nor will it be responsible for schedule changes and / or changes of flights, routes or scales, determined unilaterally by the participating airlines.