Our main premise is to ensure that you get your best travel experience doing it to be unforgettable.

To do this, we have the opportunity to travel around our country and South America including those hidding corners that are ideals for lovers of natural adventures, the regional cuisine and customs of its inhabitants. Make each place a unique and unforgettable retreat.


Chilean Estancias of Patagonia
Chilean Estancias of Patagonia

Beautiful estancias” also know as ‘’Ranch House Tourism’’ cover our territory, either around Buenos Aires and the rest of the country (Patagonia, North and Center).

You will be in contact with nature in it fullness with the possibility to make activities like hiking, horse riding, bird watching, night safaris, and be part of the productive activities of the estancia. You will be in touch with the local spirit.


Travesía en las Salinas Grandes - Jujuy
Voyage in Great Salt – Jujuy

Discover the northwest in an unconventional way attracts more than a traveler, specially those who wish to make a unique and indescribable experience. Trips through inhospitable places like deserts in the norht, combined with gourmet Picnics with excellent wines.


Experiencia en viñedos
Experience in Vineyards

The wine is and experience in itself. Travelers can enjoy all varieties in a single tour though the wine regions of Argentina.

Customized tours in wineries, cooking clases with local chefs, tasting regional cuisine, creating your own wine and accommodation in luxury Hotels-wineries that makes a unique and fun experience.


Expedición en Patagonia
Expedition in Patagonia

The active or expedition tourism is for a few who dare to live extreme activities. Could design expeditions to the Continental Ice in South Patagonia, Expedition to the Aconcagua Mount, Rafting in Manso River, adventure trekking in Patagonia and more activities.